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While they may not agree with every decision I make, they love me, more than anyone else possibly can, for the person they’ve helped me become, for the person I am. You’ll let it all out and be openly happy and let them be a part of your happiness and independence and it will be the best feeling in the entire world.

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I can raise a hand – actually I can raise both hands and feet – and say, “ME! There have been countless nights when, just in a middle of a conversation, I’ll ask my boyfriend why he decided to date me and suggest that maybe he’d be better off dating someone else.

It’s not so much insecurity as it is genuine curiosity: why date a girl who’s beyond difficult to be with because of circumstances?

Don’t let it fester and become something ugly like jealousy or an uninhibited insecurity. You’ll feel like you can’t talk to your parents, but try not to let the rift divide you and them. Or, when you don’t approve of your friend’s significant other, so of course they decide to just start avoiding you. It’s easier to avoid the gray areas altogether, but you need to make sure you’re not pushing your parents away to a point where they suddenly don’t know what’s going on in your life.

That’s exactly what happens to your parents except, in their case, they have no idea why you’re becoming distant. Like “normal” dating, it’s important that you find a good balance between every aspect of your life.

Based on this, they have the expectation that I’ll date when I’m ready to settle down.

This seems completely logical when thought of outside the context of today’s society, but let’s face it, we’re in the 21st century.

Yes, that means no Facebook official relationship or cute Instagram posts for holidays and anniversaries.

Sure, telling a guy that you’re rejecting him because you aren’t allowed to date makes life a lot easier; however, it also leads to weird stares and hushed conversations — if not during middle school and high school, definitely during college.

People just have a hard time understanding why you wouldn’t date the cute guy staring at you in class, or why you aren’t crushing on the hot football player that every single girl (and some guys) are into.

If I am doing what makes me happy, I can come to terms with the lies I tell and prepare myself for the consequences I’ll have to face.

Above all else, I continue to value the importance of truth and the mental peace that it brings. There will be times when you feel guilty for dating your significant other, and whether you know it or not, your behavior may reflect that.

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