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Kayaking the Bearcamp from Whittier to West Ossipee. Steve Damon’s observatory in the field below his house. Stories of ancestors farming, raising silk worms, going west to die in the Gold Rush or staying put to be buried in cemeteries all around towns, so that we kept tripping over their graves.

Sitting on the Fry House porch watching Roney and Cynthia drink gin, and jumping off the diving board in the barn into piled-up hay far below.

Le maire, Emmanuel Sallaberry, a annoncé la bonne nouvelle au conseil municipal du 18 décembre.

The blue of the Sandwich Range…the clear colors and great variety of the landscape. From childhood: Standing on the railings of the front porch of The Other Store eating ice cream cones, Peggy’s old brown station wagon parked across the way.

Watching Mt Whittier shape-shift as I drive south on 113 to 25. The comic rack at The Other Store, and the soda fountain, and all that penny candy lurking in the dark with the hardware behind it.

Seeing Tamworth adults who I first knew as pre-schoolers at Nancy’s Tamworth Pre-School in the 70s and 80s…. Going to Lake Chocorua on a 95 degree day Shooting the breeze with Jennifer at Dreamworks The Farmers Market The 4th of July Parade The Barnstormers The sounds of chainsaws in September. The children’s room at the Cook Library, and Jean Ulitz always ready with a suggestion of what I should read next.

1.29.2011 Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the simple things in our everyday lives which shape and affect us, which make our days pleasant or special or at least tolerable.

Often it’s the cumulative effect of a hundred or a thousand really small details which total a rich life. Spending time at our amazing library Visiting the animals at the Remick Farm Visiting the people at the Remick Farm Walking up Great Hill Having your car worked on by the fabulous people at Hidden Automotive Looking out from the fire tower Snowshoeing around the Duck Pond loop The Outing Club picnic on the top of Page Hill Maple sugaring time Tower to town trail more later…… The people, of course, and the old buildings with their airs of the people who came before, and Partridges drumming Teenagers walking places on the road Mailmen stopping at mailboxes (like bees to flowers) Snowbanks keeping you from real harm Candy on the low shelves at the Other Store Two public libraries Crowds of theater goers in the street on summer nights Joe Binsack Trail right in the village The steeple rising above the town Water too cold to bear Skinny dipping (anyway) Bob houses on Chocorua The soughing of pine forests Not being from Tamworth, Having a job that is not popular, The people of Tamworth treating me with kindness and respect Lunches at the Community School & (Lianne’s mouthwatering description) Grammy Gordon’s cinnamon buns The Farmer’s Market Showing my grandchildren the process at Karl Behr’s chicken days Picking up Peg’s fresh bread at the Other Store Taking my grandchildren to the Remick Farm Joe and Charles in the hayfield cutting a new crop of hay, the voices of my children, with their friends playing outside, Charles Thompson bringing over his antique cars and giving us all a ride on a beautiful day, Alice Thompson bringing over a beautiful Christmas wreath for us to hang on our door, Joe’s beautiful flowers and the vegetable garden he so enjoyed growing and yes, Steve Damon with his camera.

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